Mantis Clan

One of the Great Clans.

The Mantis Clan is one of the eight Great Clans of Rokugan. Prior to the Second Day of Thunder, they could boast of being the oldest Minor Clan in the Empire, though not officially recognized as such. They occupy a unique position in Rokugani history, as a former Minor Clan which rose up on the Second Day of Thunder to become a Great Clan. Until recently, they were the only Great Clan without a divine representative. This changed, however, when the Thunder Dragon gave up a portion of his divinity to make the great Mantis hero, Yoritomo, their official representative in the court of Tengoku. Specifically, their duties within the Emerald Empire are to guard and patrol the seas of Rokugan, protecting the Empire against threats from the oceans.






Members of the Mantis Clan.

Mantis Clan

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