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  • Scorpion Clan

    One of the [[Great Clan]]s. While the Crane is the Emperor's left hand and the Lion his right, the Scorpion is often referred to as the Underhand of the Emperor. It is a family of spies, manipulators, and assassins who value loyalty and duty and for …

  • Shosuro

    Family of the [[Scorpion Clan]]. "Members of the Shosuro Family.":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/the-crane-ascendant/npc-tracker/Shosuro

  • Bayushi

    Family of the [[Scorpion Clan]]. "Members of the Bayushi Family":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/the-crane-ascendant/npc-tracker/Bayushi

  • Shosuro Yukiko

    Yukiko is known for two things. Her beauty and her mind. She numbers among one of the rising starlets of the court realm, and of those her beauty is unmatched, something she is well aware of. Her guile with words more than covers the scandalous way in …

  • Shosuro Katashi

    Katashi is said to split his time equally between his duty, and caring for his son. His wife passed during childbirth leaving Katashi to raise his son alone. In large social gatherings he sits quietly and observes. In small gatherings he dances lithely …

  • Bayushi Daichi

    A shifty character, if there ever was one. It was rumored that Daichi cheated to do as well as he did in the Topaz Championship, though it wasn't enough to overcome the actual talent there. Daichi showed a great dislike of the "honor-paralyzed" [[Crane …

  • Shosuro Miyako

    [[:shosuro-yukiko | Shosuro Yukiko's]] yojimbo. Miyako is a woman of few words. Her movement betrays a quiet speed and grace. Her father was killed in battle three years ago by the father of [[:doji-inoue-saya | Doji (Inoue) Saya.]]