Tag: Kaitekimura


  • Tachibana Sugita

    Sugita is married to [[:Tachibana-Hisae]] and together they run [[Miotoshi Ryokan]] in [[Kaitekimura]]. Sugita walks with a limp from an old injury, and is always ready with a tale or haiku for those seeking conversation.

  • Tachibana Hisae

    Hisae is married to [[:Tachibana-Sugita]], and together they run [[Miotoshi Ryokan]]. In her aging face, beauty covered by age is visible. When the common room has guests, she spends the evening playing the Biwa and singing.

  • Kakita (Nakashima) Genji

    Husband of [[:Kakita-Nakashima-Akane]]. Father of [[:Kakita-Nakashima-Hayate]] and [[:Kakita-Nakashima-Goemon]]. Genji is a serious man, strict and fair. He has a dueling scar on his right cheek. It is a very light scar, and no one seems to know the …

  • Kakita (Nakashima) Akane

    Wife of [[:Kakita-Nakashima-Genji]]. Mother of [[:Kakita-Nakashima-Hayate]] and [[:Kakita-nakashima-goemon]]. Akane is a soft woman. She was far more lenient with the children than her husband was. She is never found in public, without a smile on her …

  • Oita Yoshi

    Yoshi and her husband, [[:Oita-Kohaku]], have worked for the Daidoji family their entire lives. Yoshi worked as Sakura and Tadasu's father's nursemaid before her time as the cook and maid.

  • Oita Kohaku

    Kohaku is the husband of [[:Oita-Yoshi]]. His love of sake has taken over his life. He spends most of his time gambling, talking, and drinking in the inn. In his younger days, he was known as quite the storyteller.

  • Daidoji (Yamada) Ume

    Wife of [[:Daidoji-Yamada-Hiroshi]]. Ume married into the Crane clan from the Scorpion clan. She has a much harder personality than her husband. She was made very bitter by the death of their daughter.

  • Doji (Saito) Keiji

    Even in youth, Keiji was viewed as a bit of a trickster. He was able to translate this mischievousness into courtroom etiquette thus making him an excellent Courtier. He is expected to be sent to a foreign court to represent the [[Crane Clan]] within the …

  • Daidoji Kenta

    Kenta is the father of [[:Daidoji-Sakura]] and [[:Daidoji-Tadasu]], and husband of [[:Daidoji-Jun]]. He is the Shikken of [[Kaitekimura]]. As a master tactician, he was given command over a small region of [[Crane Clan]] holdings. These holdings are …

  • Doji (Saito) Yukiko

    Wife of [[:Doji-Saito-Shigeo]] and mother of [[:Doji-Saito-Keiji]], [[:Doji-Saito-Katsu]], and [[:Doji-Saito-Miki]]. She used to be a bushi of the Kakita Bushi School. Her career was cut very short, after losing a duel against a [[Dragon Clan]] bushi, …