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  • Crab Clan

    One of the [[Great Clan]]s The Crab Clan are the Defenders of the Empire. They spend their lives on the Carpenter Wall, watching the southwestern border of Rokugan for the next attack from the Shadowlands. The Crab was founded by the Kami Hida. Daily …

  • Hida

    A family of the [[Crab Clan]]. "Members of the Hida Family":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/the-crane-ascendant/npc-tracker/Hida

  • Yasuki

    A family of the [[Crab Clan]]. "Members of the Yasuki family.":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/the-crane-ascendant/npc-tracker/Yasuki

  • Hida Toson

    Hida Toson is the son of [[:Hida-Yasuo]] and Hida Hanako. He has one sibling, his sister [[:Hida-Amaya]]. He spent a couple months studying heavy weapons in the [[Daidoji]] Iron Warriors Dojo, where he met [[:Daidoji-Tadasu]]. Toson is quite large, …

  • Hida Yasuo

    Father of [[:Hida-Toson]] and [[:Hida-Amaya]]. Yasuo is a Grizzled veteran of the Carpenter's Wall, and he's missng the finger to prove it. Yasuo has many tattoos, and refuses gruffly to speak about them. The rumor is that each tattoo represents one of …

  • Hida Amaya

    One of the competitors at the Topaz Championship. She is the sis11ter of [[:hida-toson | Hida Toson]] and the daughter of [[:hida-yasuo | Hida Yasuo]]. Amaya was being sent to the wall after competing in the Topaz Championship.

  • Hida Hiroshi

    Hiroshi grew up near the Kaiu Wall. What he lacks in speed he makes up for with his strength. Strength wasn't enough to place him well in the Topaz Championship.

  • Yasuki Hiroko

    [[:yasuki-toshi | Yasuki Toshi's]] assistant. She's held an ongoing rivalry with [[:doji-inoue-saya | Doji (Inoue) Saya]] of the [[Crane Clan | Crane Clan.]]