Tag: Bushi


  • Kakita (Nakashima) Hayate

    Hayate was a carefree child, partially due to his unending good fortune. His time at [[Seawatch Castle]] made him more serious, but did not remove his youthful outlook. He is a natural talent at Iaijutsu, but greatly doubts his skill with a sword outside …

  • Daidoji Tadasu

    Tadasu is fairly reserved and easy going, but never willing to let the tenants of bushido slide away. He gets that from his father who'd expect no less from his son in particular. If a samurai can hold himself to those standards, he will always be …

  • Doji (Saito) Katsu

    Katsu, from an early age was fascinated by the art of the duel. So much so, that he requested that he go to the dueling academy instead of the Courtier school. Katsu does not strive for dueling perfection, for art is constantly changing and will never …

  • Hida Toson

    Hida Toson is the son of [[:Hida-Yasuo]] and Hida Hanako. He has one sibling, his sister [[:Hida-Amaya]]. He spent a couple months studying heavy weapons in the [[Daidoji]] Iron Warriors Dojo, where he met [[:Daidoji-Tadasu]]. Toson is quite large, …

  • Hida Yasuo

    Father of [[:Hida-Toson]] and [[:Hida-Amaya]]. Yasuo is a Grizzled veteran of the Carpenter's Wall, and he's missng the finger to prove it. Yasuo has many tattoos, and refuses gruffly to speak about them. The rumor is that each tattoo represents one of …

  • Kakita Matsusuke

    Matsusuke, to the shame of his teachers, thinks he is far better with a sword than he actually is. There are whispers that Matsusuke will overstep himself soon enough, and end up in the ground.

  • Daidoji Shiori

    Shiori is a bit of a tomboy, having been raised around a family of Iron Cranes did not help. Both her parents and her older brothers all served on the Carpenters Wall. Her time around her family as well as others at the Daidoji Training Grounds caused her …

  • Daidoji Yoichi

    Yoichi would have been more at home in a Doji Courtier School, but was sent to the Iron Warrior school to follow in his Father's footsteps. In his shame, he did not take his training very seriously. Another student came down on him for his lack of duty, …

  • Kakita (Nakashima) Genji

    Husband of [[:Kakita-Nakashima-Akane]]. Father of [[:Kakita-Nakashima-Hayate]] and [[:Kakita-Nakashima-Goemon]]. Genji is a serious man, strict and fair. He has a dueling scar on his right cheek. It is a very light scar, and no one seems to know the …

  • Kakita (Nakashima) Goemon

    Son of [[:Kakita-Nakashima-Genji]] and [[:Kakita-Nakashima-Akane]]. Older brother of [[:Kakita-Nakashima-Hayate]]. While he attended the Kakita Bushi School, Goemon did not take to dueling the same way that his brother did. He is currently stationed in …

  • Kakita Noritoshi

    Kakita Noritoshi was a bushi and duelist of the Crane Clan. He became Kakita Daimyo and Master Sensei of the Kakita Dueling Academy following the death of Kakita Kaiten in 1159.

  • Daidoji Kenta

    Kenta is the father of [[:Daidoji-Sakura]] and [[:Daidoji-Tadasu]], and husband of [[:Daidoji-Jun]]. He is the Shikken of [[Kaitekimura]]. As a master tactician, he was given command over a small region of [[Crane Clan]] holdings. These holdings are …

  • Kakita Takahiro

    Takahiro is an upcoming tactician. His swordsmanship has suffered due to the amount of time he spends buried in scrolls. The split focus, however, lends itself towards him being average in either regard.

  • Kakita (Kobiyuki) Iwao

    Iwao suffers from a mental deficiency, making him both dim and angry. Though his parents had the prestige to send him to the Kakita Dueling Academy, he performed terribly. He and another student nearly got thrown out of the academy for injuring a few …

  • Doji Daiki

    Daiki is the newest Sensei at the Kakita Dueling Academy. Due to his focus on dueling as an art form, rather than focusing on the One Cut philosophy in both combat and dueling, he is looked down upon by many of the other instructors.

  • Hida Amaya

    One of the competitors at the Topaz Championship. She is the sis11ter of [[:hida-toson | Hida Toson]] and the daughter of [[:hida-yasuo | Hida Yasuo]]. Amaya was being sent to the wall after competing in the Topaz Championship.

  • Hida Hiroshi

    Hiroshi grew up near the Kaiu Wall. What he lacks in speed he makes up for with his strength. Strength wasn't enough to place him well in the Topaz Championship.

  • Akodo Isamu

    Isamu would have been more at home in the Matsu Berserker School with his fierce style. He is looking forward to the ability to prove himself on the field of battle, especially after performing so poorly at the Topaz Championship.

  • Akodo Cho

    She was a competitor at the Topaz Championship. Cho is a powerful warrior. She has a level of disdain for the [[Crane Clan | Crane Clan]], due to the loss of her brother in a border skirmish. She is now serving as yojimbo to [[:ikoma-koji | Ikoma Koji.]]

  • Shiba Chie

    Chie's strength with the Naginata showed during the skirmish at the Topaz Championship. Unfortunately, her focus on the Naginata left weaknesses elsewhere.

  • Bayushi Daichi

    A shifty character, if there ever was one. It was rumored that Daichi cheated to do as well as he did in the Topaz Championship, though it wasn't enough to overcome the actual talent there. Daichi showed a great dislike of the "honor-paralyzed" [[Crane …

  • Shosuro Miyako

    [[:shosuro-yukiko | Shosuro Yukiko's]] yojimbo. Miyako is a woman of few words. Her movement betrays a quiet speed and grace. Her father was killed in battle three years ago by the father of [[:doji-inoue-saya | Doji (Inoue) Saya.]]

  • Akodo Shigetoshi

    Shigetoshi became the Lion Clan Champion after Matsu Yoshino died in battle with Moto Chagatai, in accordance with the instructions Yoshino had left him. Upon becoming Champion he came to an agreement with Moto Chen to end the conflict before more were …