Tag: Akodo


  • Akodo Isamu

    Isamu would have been more at home in the Matsu Berserker School with his fierce style. He is looking forward to the ability to prove himself on the field of battle, especially after performing so poorly at the Topaz Championship.

  • Akodo Cho

    She was a competitor at the Topaz Championship. Cho is a powerful warrior. She has a level of disdain for the [[Crane Clan | Crane Clan]], due to the loss of her brother in a border skirmish. She is now serving as yojimbo to [[:ikoma-koji | Ikoma Koji.]]

  • Akodo Shigetoshi

    Shigetoshi became the Lion Clan Champion after Matsu Yoshino died in battle with Moto Chagatai, in accordance with the instructions Yoshino had left him. Upon becoming Champion he came to an agreement with Moto Chen to end the conflict before more were …