Kakita (Nakashima) Hayate

Crane Clan Bushi of the Kakita Bushi School


Hayate was a carefree child, partially due to his unending good fortune. His time at Seawatch Castle made him more serious, but did not remove his youthful outlook. He is a natural talent at Iaijutsu, but greatly doubts his skill with a sword outside of the first cut. All of his experience is from training, however, he excelled in training. He was awarded the Daisho of Kenkaitsurugi and Soudouken for finishing his training at the top of his class.

He wears his Family Mon over his heart as his family is very important to him. He wears his Dojo Mon on his right, as his training guides his hand. He wears his Clan Mon on his back, as he will always face his enemy, keeping those he’d protect behind him. All three Mons have a silver stripe on the right side, representing Kakita’s Strike. These were added to his Mons upon graduation as part of the reward for finishing top of his class.

Kakita (Nakashima) Hayate

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