Doji (Saito) Katsu

Crane Clan Bushi of the Kakita Bushi School, Topaz Champion


Was awarded the Katana Hayaitou for winning the Topaz Championship.


Katsu, from an early age was fascinated by the art of the duel. So much so, that he requested that he go to the dueling academy instead of the Courtier school. Katsu does not strive for dueling perfection, for art is constantly changing and will never be perfected, but he hopes to one day create a new dueling style.

Katsu strives to excel in the practice of Bushido and will tend to speak up when he observes a failing in Bushido in others. It is not to be mean spirited and point out others failings, but is to prop up and encourage those who waiver from the path.

Doji (Saito) Katsu

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