Daidoji Tadasu

Crane Clan Bushi of the Daidoji Iron Warrior School


Tadasu is fairly reserved and easy going, but never willing to let the tenants of bushido slide away. He gets that from his father who’d expect no less from his son in particular. If a samurai can hold himself to those standards, he will always be victorious, in service to his lord, his family, and to the emperor.

Taller than the other children, he always took it to be his duty to look after anyone smaller than he. Most of the time, it was his sister. Sakura’s fiery demeanor always kept Tadasu on his toes.

Tadasu stands almost 6 feet tall and weighs in around 150. He keeps his hair long and has bleached it white for the first time since he left home.

Daidoji Tadasu

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