Asahina Beniha

Daimyo of the Asahina Family


A member of the Asahina family, Beniha was trained in the beginning as a shugenja in the family school. She was mildly talented, but found that she did not fit fully in with the rest of the more traditional Asahina, and she feared that she would be doomed to the boredom of such a life. This changed when she was assigned as a court shugenja at Kyuden Doji. There, she found her true calling, and after attaching herself to Doji Soh, an experienced courtier, she gained some skill there.

After the season was over, she prostrated herself before her daimyo, requesting that she be granted leave to attend the Doji school. Presented with letters from Doji Soh and other Crane courtiers, and observing the traditional Asahina reluctance to force anybody into something against their will, her request was granted and she was sent to Shizuka Toshi.

Asahina Beniha

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