The Crane Ascendant

The Topaz Championship

Session Summary

Daidoji Tadasu and Doji (Saito) Katsu were invited to participate in the Topaz Championship, a prestigious tournament for those who have just obtained their Gempukku. The Topaz Championship was hosted by Doji Masumi in Tsuma. On the way to Tsuma both Tadasu and Katsu stopped to purchase gifts for their hosts on the way to Tsuma. Tadasu purchased a pipe and pouch of fine tobacco for Doji Masumi, and a courtier’s fan with a design of the jade and obsidian dragons entwined for Doji Megumi. Meanwhile, Katsu purchased a tea set for the couple, with the intent of performing the tea ceremony for them.

Upon arriving at Tsuma, the group presented themselves to Masumi and his wife. Tadasu was introduced first, and his gifts were met with affection, Katsu was introduced second, and his gift was also well received, and his ceremony was scheduled for after dinner. They were then left to their own devices until dinner. Katsu decided to work on his Kata after finding a room to stay in during the competition. Meanwhile, Tadasu found his way to the sake house and a pair of crab contestants, one of whom, Hida Amaya, was the sister of his friend Hida Toson. After the dinner, Katsu performed his tea ceremony for the Shikken and his wife.

The next day began the Topaz Championship. The first event of the day was a foot race around the village. Akodo Cho won the race. The second event was a contest of creativity and artistic ability, in which the subject of the piece had to be cherry blossoms. Doji (Saito) Katsu won this event. The third event of the day was a Go competition. The contestants were paired off, and each winner was awarded a number of points to their score. Both Katsu and Tadasu won their matches. The next event was a last man standing skirmish. Tadasu and Katsu decided to team up until they were the only remaining bushi, and then would fight one on one for the event. They succeeded in being the only remaining contestants, and Tadasu quickly took the event. The final event of the day was an archery contest. This event was also taken by Akodo Cho.

The last day of the tournament consisted of an Iaijutsu tournament. After several duels, and several surprise upsets by Tadasu, Tadasu and Katsu squared off for the championship. Katsu’s mastery of iaijutsu quickly asserted itself, and he was named champion. He was awarded Hayaitou as a prize for winning the tournament.


I thought the session went fairly well, I think that making the stance cards will assist with keeping track of that for combat. I’m very happy with how 4e operates as compared to 3e. The iaijutsu system worked especially well, though we had an abnormal ammount of karmic strikes. I believe that was just luck of the dice and not a fault of the system, however.

The Topaz Championship

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