The Crane Ascendant

The Tale of Chiyo

Session Review

After Ryota fled, the peasants came out from hiding and cheered at the sight of the surviving samurai, and the creatures arm laying bloodied in the grass. The group burned the arm, and set up camp for the night. In the morning, they decided to search for the creature’s den. After questioning the villagers, they learned rumor of a spirit named Chiyo who is said to live in a cave in the area. After a fruitless search to the west, the group turned north into the foothills.

Two hours after they left town, and after a difficult climb, the group came upon a cave. Katsu and Hayate headed back to town to gather up lanterns. Meanwhile, Sakura and Tadasu searched the surrounding area. Near the entrance to the cave, they found the dehydrated corpses of several animals. Sakura wandered further out, finding a small clearing with a stream running through it. In the stream she found a large oilcloth pouch with a coarse glass like powder, and a vial of a thick liquid. When Sakura attempted to commune with the earth spirits contained in the powder, they betrayed her, turning half of the powder an ashy black. She was, however, able to identify the liquid as a temporary adhesive.

When Katsu and Hayate returned, the group entered the cave. They quickly came upon a large chamber with natural pillars. In this chamber, they spied Ryota, attempting to catch fish in a small pool. Sakura enticed the Void to distract the creature, allowing her companions to make quick work of him. They followed another passage out of the chamber, deeper into the cave. Sakura was convinced they would find the things mother if they continued.

They found themselves entering into a chamber, who’s floor was covered with a foot of standing water. Tadasu scouted ahead, seeing a beautiful woman painting a portrait of Wada Hisashi. He crept back to the group and motioned for them to follow him. As they got close, they saw that she was now sitting, facing them. She told them her story, that the headman had lain with her and then abandoned her and her son in the cave. When dialog did not disuade the group to leave, she finally struck at them. Her fingers had grown by 1’ each and her face was half the beautiful face of before and half a rotting skull. Quickly, the group found them on the losing end of the battle as their weapons merely scratched her porcelain like skin. Sakura remembered that spirits bore a weakness to jade and crystal, and thus made the connection of what the coarse powder she found was. She quickly coated the weapons of the others and they banished Chiyo back to Gaki-do.

They returned to the village and spoke with Hisashi about what they had been told. After a short deliberation, they determined there was nothing that could be done, as Hisashi had violated no law in his actions. They then headed back to Kaitekimura via Kukurere Huyushemura. They learned as they passed through Kukurere Huyushemura that no progress had been gained on the slaughter of the lumberjacks, nor had any other murders happened.



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