The Crane Ascendant

Sins of the Father

The Death of Daidoji Kenta

Daidoji Tadasu and Daidoji Sakura decided to follow a lead on what happened to their father, Daidoji Kenta, and took a path out of the village into the woods. After an hour or two of wandering, they found a clearing with many broken branches, several of the higher ones smoothly cut. Just outside the ring of the clearing, they spotted a glint of metal, several feet off the ground. Upon investigating, they found a mound of dirt with a ninja-to jutting from it. Tadasu spotted a scrap of blue cloth, barely visible beneath the dirt, and pulled on it. He pulled a decomposing arm free from the mound. He lept forward, digging through the mound to unveil the body of their father. Upon seeing the decomposing corpse, Sakura fell to the ground in an epileptic seizure. Meanwhile, Doji (Saito) Katsu was seeking out the siblings on the forest path. Tadasu picked up his sister, and ran towards the village, seeking help. He ran past Katsu, who decided to investigate what had “frightened” them so. Shortly thereafter, Sakura revived from her seizure, and they returned to the clearing and met with Katsu. Katsu remembered seeing Shosuro Yukiko and Shosuro Miyako passing through the village disguised as peasants. Tadasu admitted to setting up a meeting with them. Katsu was sent to bring Daidoji Jun so that Kenta could be given proper funeral rights. Meanwhile, Tadasu went to Kukurere Huyushemura to meet with the scorpion. Tadasu asked the scorpion to deliver the swords of the fallen Lion to their homeland. In exchange Yukiko asked that Tadasu marry Miyako to “foster good relations” between their clans. Reluctantly, Tadasu agreed.

After Kenta was cremated, it was decided that Jun would go to the monastery and allow Tadasu to take his fathers place, once the imposter was dealt with. Sakura decided to accompany her to see what she could learn about the faceless creatures that they have run up against. Her plan was cut short when Tadasu returned home and began dressing for war. Tadasu, Katsu, Sakura, and Hayate went to Kenta’s sitting room to find the imposter. The imposter gave a suprised look as they attacked, and revealed itself to be one of the faceless creatures. Durring the battle, Tadasu attempted to use Jade powder upon the creature, but, other than blinding it, it had no real effect. The creature retaliated by launching and orb of black/purple energy, striking Tadasu in the chest.

After defeating the creature, Tadasu, Katsu and Katsu’s father went to meet with Daidoji Kikaze, who gave Tadasu his father’s titles and land. He also gave Tadasu permission to marry Miyako. He also stated that war with the Lion may not be avoidable, as the Lion had somehow already found out about the deaths of their representatives.



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