The Crane Ascendant

Prelude to War

Daidoji Kenta's Questionable Mission

After Winter Court, the group headed back to Kaitekimura. They passed the messenger sent by Doji (Saito) Katsu on their way home. Upon arriving home, they gave their report to Daidoji Kenta. Kenta told the group he would investigate the attempt on Doji (Inoue) Saya’s life. He also stated that he did not receive Katsu’s letter, but gave him permission to marry Yoritomo Sumiko anyways. Katsu and his father, headed to Mantis Clan lands to secure the wedding. After successfully setting the wedding up for the next Winter Court, they returned home.

A month after giving their report to Kenta, Daidoji Tadasu was called in to meet with his father. Daidoji Kenta gave Tadasu the option of taking a questionable mission. There was a group of Lion Clan samurai in a local village who were part of the plot against Doji (Inoue) Saya. They had also convinced the village to defect to the Lion Clan. The orders were to eliminate the Lion Clan Samurai and anyone who witnessed the event. Tadasu spoke to the others, who agreed to take part in the mission.

The group arrived in the village, where the peasants cleared the street as they came into view. They spoke briefly with the headman of the village, and had him lead them to the inn. Upon entering the inn, they found the Lion Clan samurai, Akodo Rin, Akodo Yoshitaki, and Kitsu Nobu. Upon speaking with the Lion Clan samurai, the group learned that the Lion were supposedly going to Kyuden Doji to exchange history scrolls with one of the scholars there. The group talked the Lion Clan samurai into traveling together to Kyuden Doji. While stopping for lunch, Daidoji Tadasu sprung an ambush on the Lion Clan samurai. Though he disagreed with the mission, Doji (Saito) Katsu still did his duty and carried out the distasteful actions.

After returning home they were congratulated by Daidoji Kenta for a job well done. Shortly thereafter, rumors began to spread that the Lion Clan had decimated a village (the one the group found them in), and that the group had exacted vengeance for this crime. Due to these actions, the Crane Clan is preparing for war with the Lion. The group returned to the village to find it burned to the ground. After some searching they found a body, killed by claws, and a metallic claw stuck in a door-frame. After speaking with some water kami, Daidoji Sakura determined that those responsible for destroying the village are the same creatures as what attacked Doji (Inoue) Saya at Winter Court.



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